Wednesday, 31 July 2013

5 Guiding Questions in Choosing the Best Legal Representation on a New Jersey Domestic Violence Case

The statistics of domestic violence New Jersey is something that nobody should smile about. If you think of it, home is where any woman should feel safest. But if you look at the annual 100,000 New Jersey domestic violence cases (this only account for the reported ones), this figure can be quite alarming. So what’s the most usual remedy when marriage is hit by violence? It’s DIVORCE!
Although divorce would likely be the most suitable solution when harassments and/or assaults finds its way into a married life, you shouldn’t hastily hire a New Jersey domestic violence lawyer that you come across with. Keep in mind that you need someone that would not only look after your interest but also a legal representation that would make the path of divorce less painful (financially and emotionally). So before you hand over your divorce case to a lawyer or a law firm, do some extensive research.
Once you’ve looked around (either through online or recommendations from friends and families), narrow down your choice to about at least two or three lawyers or firms. And how would you know which one can give you the best legal representation? Here are some questions that will guide you on your selection process.
  • How long will my case take to get it resolved?
After you’ve thoroughly told the lawyers the facts of your case, a good lawyer should be able to give you a fair estimate of time on how long will it take to put an end to your case.
  • How do I handle my taxes and other finances as a result of divorce?
Financially-depleting is an understatement to describe a lengthy and tedious legal battle. On top of this, there will be a significant change on how to handle your finances. Put out this question to your “prospect” lawyer to gauge his or her intention to keep your expenses low – and not out to simply suck every penny left on your pocket.
  • What are my chances of winning the case?
Although not a single lawyer would admit to their “would-be” client that they won’t stand a chance of winning the case, hearing out BIG promises from them won’t really help you out either. What’s important is for you to find a lawyer who can give you “realistic assurance” based on the merits of your case – and of course based on the current New Jersey laws on domestic violence.
  • How much do think will cost me for your services?
Not so many lawyers can provide you a specific price tag on their services. Keep in mind that cases can get into a lot of twists and turns which means that your case can come into a conclusion in weeks or can drag on for months (sometimes maybe even longer). However, an upright attorney can pretty much give you a fair estimate on his or her service fee based on the circumstances of your case. Don’t be surprised though that these estimates comes in a price range – and not a specific figure.
  • How can I get in touch with you in case of emergency?
Time is always important especially in domestic violence or divorce cases. The lawyer of your choice shouldn’t find it hard to give you his or her mobile number in case emergency arise.
These are just some of the questions that can guide you when choosing the “best” divorce lawyer. Always remember that you might not always need the services of a lawyer. But if you do, make sure that you get the best legal representation. And this is something you can expect from Romanowski Law Offices. Help is just few mouse clicks away. Visit them now at